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Product Warranty


We offer a 3 (Three) year limited warranty from the date of purchase on majority of our products. There are some products that carry a 1 (One) year limited warranty from date of purchase.

On each item page the warranty that the product carries are identified.

Please note the terms and conditions of the warranty as indicate below:

1) The warranty covers faulty workmanship and /or faulty component parts.
2) All faulty product that is still under its respective warranty period will be repaired and replace free of charge.
3) Accidental / purposeful or Airline damage and or deterioration due to fair Wear and Tear is not covered by this warranty.
4) Kindly note that in common with every luggage manufacturer, we take no responsibility for damage due to mishandling in transit.
5) After travel all luggage should be inspected by the customer and in the event of any damage, immediately lodge a claim with the carrier.
6) Customer must retain their payment voucher / receipt as proof of date of purchase. However, if purchased through the online store of The Luggage Company, the proof of purchase is recorded against the customer.
7) This warranty only extends to the original purchaser of the product and therefore it is not transferable should the product be sold by the customer.

if you should have a product issue and have the view that the items fall within the parameters of the warranty as indicated above, you can contact us on 041 486 2210 or alternatively send an email to our holding company info@maxcowell.co.za. Please include all your contact details in the email. We will then be in touch with you regarding the process that needs to be followed.